Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday 19 November 2012

Catherine is well into her job at M&S, learning to work patiently and methodically under pressure from growing Christmas queues, and to withstand the fussy or supercilious shoppers and the one who regularly turns up at 5 to 6 for a full trolley shop and ends up at her till at 6pm while the other staff wait to lock up in a semicircle behind her... But I wish as much as she does that she didn't feel so ill for so much of the time. The M&S job will last till 5 January, but CSV haven't come up with a placement for after that, and though she does have several good ideas there is still the uncertainty, which has been nagging away for six months now and is bound to exacerbate the IBS symptoms. I think I perpetuate it too by joining in with the worrying.

Dave ruined a ramble today by losing his temper at Di when her dog tripped him up in a bog. He swore and refused to walk with her; I rounded on him ; he totally failed to understand that whatever the rights and wrongs of the case, shouting at people ruins everything and toleration holds us together. Though if it had been a child knocked over in the bog, I'd have been angry too. When I told Catherine later, she just laughed and said he probably deserved to fall in the bog.

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