Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday 30 August - an offer from Dublin

Catherine had an email from the CAO this morning saying they could offer her a place on French/Russian at Trinity College after all in the second round of selection.
For 12 hours she didn't know what to do. With my head in a tizz over things like CSV, Sheffield, deferment, etc., I had to go a walk before realising that yes of course she should go to Dublin either this year or next - it was the one place she really liked and to pass up the opportunity might be something she'd always regret. Dave felt the same.
But Catherine remained inexplicably, or stubbornly, non-communicative. She wouldn't phone TCD, wouldn't let me phone, wouldn't discuss, repeated only 'I haven't decided anything yet.' Only when we were driving to Rangers did it come out: 'I'm thinking to decline their offer.'
'I don't know that I want to do that course any more. French and Russian - it doesn't lead anywhere, does it?'
I said it most definitely did - excellent preparation for teaching/speech therapy/anything communicative, etc; whereas a vocational degree such as Speech Pathology would have narrowed her choices too much too early. 'Oh. You've confused me again. Thanks a lot.'
I went back for her at 9pm prepared for more battles. But fortunately Sue, the leader, had delivered a good dose of common sense, and said exactly what Dave and I had said with the big advantage of not being her parent. C had let herself be sorted out after all and has now written to request a deferment, but is prepared to go this year if they don't grant it.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday 19 August 2012 Mudburgers

After three days of silence from Skipton, where KK Catering are doing the Beacons Festival, there was an anguished text message at 3pm: 'I'm alive  but I want to come home so badly, likely to be late on Monday, as will be working until 2 or 3am again and hopefully leave cleaning till tomorrow.'

My reaction: (1) Oh no! When can I go and get her? To Skipton if necessary...
(2) Wash, food and drink to make you feel better, though sleep is what you mainly want...
(3) Surviving this means you can survive anything life throws at you.

Dave's reaction: 'Stop worrying. It won't do her any harm.' And a text to CA: 'Chin up. Mud doesn't harm you; it strengthens you.' She replied: 'Lol. Too true.'

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday 4 August - trying to wind up the PNFS business

D did write offering his services in any work that needed doing around Taylor House but forbore to point out that the computer system was unsecured, the ink and stationery supplies depleted, the membership list incomplete, the newsletter irregular, the Volunteers Handbook not yet updated... He was not surprised when Rogerson replied sweetly that, as they were in the fortunate position of having appointed two new Vice Chairmen, all the jobs at Taylor House were being well taken care of and, in view of past difficulties, it would be better not to take Dave up on his offer. Dave said 'There! That proves that all he has done to obstruct me was personal. They have broken the agreement made at the AGM that as I am a fit and proper person to be an officer I can continue being one.'
I said 'Then walk away. PNFS does not deserve you. Find something else to worry about.'
He said 'But I want to be membership secretary when Bill resigns next year. I'd be good at that.'
'No! Nobody will want you stirring things up again. You only want to get back at Rogerson.'
If only we could think of one stinging retort, he might leave it at that. Short of telling all the officers 'That's what comes of calling the chairman a liar,' which might cause a lawsuit, I haven't thought of anything suitable yet.
D spent all of next day as well chewing it over, with suggestions ranging from applying anonymously to be a volunteer at Taylor House, to slipping in there one evening and leaving a virus on the computer. I tell him that by letting Rogerson's wiliness get under his skin he is letting him win. Why can't he just write and tell him 'I have no wish to be associated with an organisation run on lines of deceit, vindictiveness and mismanagement. The key is available for collection by arrangement' and leave it at that?
Pride, that's why.